23 februari 2007

Davis Anna: The Dinner

Ett förstlingsverk av en 30-årig londonbo. Boken var jättebra med sina speciella och komplicerade personer som man följer under en afton genom de olika delarna av en festmåltid.

  • Arrival - Drinks in the lounge
  • Hors d'oeuvres - Vichyssoise, Halloumi cheese salad with pesto
  • Main course - Pink trout with almond on herb purée, potato and parsnip galette. Green salad
  • Dessert - coconut bavarois with tropical fruit sauce
  • Coffee
  • Departure

Den innehåller följande fängslande persongalleri:

  • Psyko-svägerskan
  • Självmord
  • En gift, sexberoende, bisexuell man djupt förälskad i en ung australiensare
  • Engångsligg med främling som resulterat i graviditet
  • Långvarig otrohet
  • Besatt, trogen, hunsad äkta man
  • Bästa väninnan som får veta ALLT om två väninnor
  • Knark
  • Alkoholmissbruk
Betyg: 4

Från bokens baksida: "The polished chitter-chatter of a sophisticated dinner party is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of the host's bizarre sister-in-law. Clarrie has always been 'a bit strange', but tonight she is, frankly, unbalanced, and is suffering from obscure hallucinations. Clarrie has a reason for descending uninvited on Alex and Tilda Stone, and is waiting for the right moment to reveal it. And Clarrie is not the only person at the table with a secret. All the guests have something to hide."

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Läsarrecension hämtad från Amazon:
I've just finished reading The Dinner - and I couldn't stop reading it until I got to the end. I like it very much because, as I say, I couldn't put it down, it's so full of pictures, imagination, and I just loved the dialogues. It's not pretentious and it's not artificial. And what I really appreciate, it's not one of those "pretending-to-be-psychological" sort of novels. The danger to be so might have been in the plot and the whole setting, but because of the ironic and funny bits and the fine language the horror never gets too upsetting, everything is well-balanced. It's amazing how the tension is kept to the very last word. Yes, it was a pleasure reading it. I do hope for more to come from this author.